"Seascape Blue" Liners

"Seascape Blue" Liners

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Our compostable liners made of heavy-duty parchment paper are designed to use with all P&P plates and are great for lining trays and platters, too. 

Our "Seascape Blue" striped liners have a casual, coastal feel that goes nicely with just about any décor whether at the beach, by a lake, or in your home. It is so versatile, we can see why It is one of our most popular liners!

One liner is usually enough to hold up to sauces and dressings and can even withstand cutting with a knife, or layer two liners for a fun look and extra protection when serving a meal with lots of liquid.

  • Set of 50 liners
  • Made out of fully compostable vegetable parchment paper
  • 12” x 12” with a scalloped edge