Jewels of the South of France

Jewels of the South of France 

This past January I had the chance to travel to Paris and Aix-en-Provence. It was a business trip that turned out to be one of the more amazing trips abroad I have had to date. I was on a mission to search for the unusual, the inspirational, and to meet the artist behind these finds and bring them back home to the shop.

First stop was the Maison Object show in Paris. After taking a redeye from Atlanta, clearing customs, and a quick airport change of clothes I was off to the Maison Show running on little sleep but full of excitement for the hunt ahead. The day was filled with finding all kinds of treasures and meeting the most amazing people in the business.

One of my favorite finds, Jour de Mistral jewelry line, caught my eye immediately. Designer Mélanie Sarlin's pieces had me falling for France on day one and I had not even had a chance to explore yet. Beautiful little vases of the mimosa flower placed with the delicate and intricate design of her Mimosa Collection drew me in immediately. The tiny little detail of these yellow flowers fascinated me! Then to see the beautiful collection she had created from this tiny flower was incredible. The Mimosa flowers grow in the South of France. These little bouquets of flowers were all over Paris at the flower markets. I wanted to buy them all! Time seemed to fly and we were off again! We headed south to Aix-en-Provence. The Mimosa trees were in full bloom. Large beautiful trees with the tiniest little yellow scented blooms. I felt so lucky to have experienced seeing them in their glory. 

My other favorite design by Mélanie was her Olea Collection. The olive tree is the symbol of the South of France. Using a mixture of gold and white porcelain to create the modern and clean lines were so refreshing. Its no wonder I feel in love with these pieces as olive trees are one of my favorite! 

My hope is that you enjoy shopping this beautiful line of jewelry. A little piece of France here at home in the shop. 


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